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Toddler Classroom

Our Reach for the Stars Curriculum is aligned with Step Up To Quality, ELG designed to cover:

  • Social and Emotional Well Being
  • Gross-Motor
  • Fine-Motor
  • Number Sense
  • Counting
  • Pre-writing
  • Literacy
  • Shapes
  • Music and more…

In addition, our Busy Bee’s Classroom has photos of our students as well as their family so if they are having a (miss me) moment they can look at their loved one’s photos.

We make sure each of our students learn “sharing is caring”. But not when it comes to our cubby, mat, and blankets. These items will not be shared, “…” we want to keep “germs far…far…away” says our Toddler- Busy Bee’s.

Toddlers 1 & 2 Schedule

7:00 am. Greetings            

7:00 am. Activity…Drawing materials/computer time

7:45 am. Restroom /wash hands

8:00 am. Breakfast

Clean-up/ wash hands

9:00 am. Circle Time /Lesson/ Worksheets

9:15 am.  Phonics (name, alphabet, and number identification)

9:45 am. Restroom/wash hands

10:00 am. Outdoors

10:45 am Restroom/wash hands

11:00 Lunch

Clean-up/ wash hands potty

 11:30 Story-time

11:45 pm. Quiet time

1:45 pm. Clean-up sleeping areas

Restroom/wash hands

2:15 pm. Snack

2:30pm Outdoors

3:15 pm Music time

3:45 pm.  Dramatic Play

4:15 pm.  Free Play

 6:00pm Free- time Prepare for Parents