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Pre-K Classroom

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4-b's classroom

Our Reach for the Stars Curriculum is aligned with Step Up To Quality – The Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) are designed to cover all domains in a child’s growth, including: 

  • Social and Emotional Well Being
  • Gross-Motor
  • Fine-Motor
  • Number Sense
  • Community
  • Teacher, student, and peer interaction
  • Counting Recognition
  • Name Writing and Basic Site Words
  • Literacy
  • Extended Shapes
  • Music and Dance
  • Nature Exploration
  • Parent Teacher Conferences

Here at Smart Start Learning Center our students are preparing for kindergarten from the time they arrive in our center at birth. There are many tools we have in place for them to be ready to progress successfully to the next step in their educational and developmental lives.

Count to one hundred, reading a basic storybook, spell first and last name, sharing with others, good listening skills, identify patterns, beginning sounds, 4 B’s of courtesy, how to effectively problem solve, and name country in which they reside are just a few areas of focus in PreK

These items listed are what we follow in our center to assure our students are ready and prepared based on research and evidence about child development and practices that result in the best outcomes for young children.

Classroom Schedule

7:00 am. Greetings                                                          

7:00 am. Activity…Drawing materials/puzzle time

7:45 am. Restroom /diaper run /wash hands

8:00 am. Breakfast

Clean-up/ wash hands

9:00 Circle Time

9:15 am. Lesson/Worksheets

9:30 am. Phonics Alphabet Songs / Counting and Identification      

10:00 Clean-up/wash hands/Bathroom break

10:20 am. Craft

10:30 Outdoors

11:00 am.  Computer time

11:15am Restroom/wash hands

11:30 Lunch

12:00 pm Restroom/wash hands

12:30 pm. Sign language Instructor

Story-time Restroom

1:15 pm. Quiet time/Rest

2:45 pm. Clean-up sleeping areas

Restroom/Diaper run/wash hands

3:15 pm.  Snack

Clean up /wash hands

3:30 pm. Outdoor Play

4:15 pm. Dramatic Play

4:45 pm.  Art

5:15 pm.  Music time

6:00pm Free- time/Prepare for parents