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Infant Classroom

Our Infant Curriculum is designed to focus on brain development:

We have found through educational studies that infants prefer and can possibly do the following by the end of their first month of age.

  • Make quivering arm movements
  • Bring hands near face
  • Keep hands in tight fists
  • Move head from side to side
  • Focus on objects approximately 8 to 12 inches away from them
  • They prefer human faces over other shapes
  • Notice black-and-white or high-contrast patterns
  • Recognize some sounds most importantly identifying their parents’ voice


By the end of 3 months our infants are able to:

  • Open and shut hands
  • Bring hands to mouth
  • Grab and shake hand toys
  • Follow moving object with eyes
  • Watch faces closely and smile
  • Recognize familiar objects and people at a distance


At Smart Start we know that reading will activate a child’s sense of vision and language, of expression by the movement of your mouth and inflection in your voice, seeing your smile and excitement while you read to them. In addition, it reaps the benefits of establishing a special bond between staff and infant.

Infant 1 & 2 Schedule

7:00 am.  Greetings /Quiet time                                  

7:45 am. Diaper run/wash hands

8:00 am. Breakfast

Clean-up/ wash hands

8:45am Teaching walking or crawling

9:15 am. Get Fit Exercise Small/Large Muscles

Alphabet Song and Identification

9:45 am. Diaper run/wash hands

10:00 am. AM snack

Clean-up/wash hands

10:20 am. Outdoors/Indoor


10:45 am. Manipulatives/Blocks

11:15 am.  Music /Sign Language

11:45 am Diaper run/wash hands

12:00 Lunch

Clean-up/ wash hands

1:00 pm. Story-time

1:15 pm. Quiet time/Rest

2:45 pm. Clean-up sleeping areas

Diaper run/wash hands

3:15 pm.  Snack

Clean up /wash hands

3:40 pm. Tummy Time/Art

4:15 pm. Outdoors/Indoors

4:45 pm.  Warm Cuddling

5:00 pm.  Music time

5:15pm-6:00pmExploration time/free time