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Our talented teachers and caregivers focus on school readiness, social, emotional, and intellectual development, literacy, problem-solving skills, and what every child needs – love and care!

Education Based Childcare

You can rest assured your child is safe, learning, developing socially and having fun each day at Smart Start Learning Center! 

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Graduation Day

How We WOW!

At Smart Start Learning Center, we focus on the child as a whole and strive to instill the Garden of Good Manners, but teaching the 4 B’s.

  4′ B is used to motivate and inspire our students to become aware of “The Garden of Good Manners”

  • Be Respectful to and towards everyone and their individual choices
  • Be Responsible to make sure I make good choices
  • Be Kind and make sure we generous and friendly to others and their feelings
  • Be Safe to assure we follow all classroom rule so no one has preventable accidents

Quality Assurance

Our goal at Smart Start Learning Center is to provide a safe, stimulating, and a caring environment for each of our students. Our focus is to support each student’s individual developmental milestones, whether that’s social experiences, emotional awareness, physical progression, or cognitive development.

We are committed to the families we serve; our desire is to provide parents with a complete peace of mind while their children are in our care.

Our educators are building the foundation for lifelong learning. Here at Smart Start Learning Center, we strive to be known and remembered as a shining example of what quality childcare looks like.


Family Reviews

Ms Johnson, I brag to Frank and my mom about all the stuff you have done to completely change Smart Start. From Daycare to actual learning center, from toddlers to teens. I may be bad at keeping my commitments to u, but I 100% respect and believe in your mission. You have a lot of energy invested there.
Sam Tabor
Smart Start has a kind, loving, and fun learning environment. I toured several learning centers and ended up falling in love with this one. Smart start has excellent teachers and a fantastic program director! My sons have truly excelled since starting the Pre-K program, and most importantly love going to school! I highly recommend Smart Start Learning Center.
Brittany Thomas

At Smart Start, We Dare to Play!

Creating a world of wonder as we learn together… Inspiring curiosity with joy, love, and laughter.   We believe that play powers the big ideas, inspires unlimited possibilities, and allows us to dream big.


At Smart Start, we believe in the necessity of cuddles and touch. Our Infants are held often to reassure them that their cries and physical needs are going to be met. Story time, tummy time, singing songs or just holding and rocking them to see the smile of their teacher lets our infants know they are truly loved in our care.


Toddlers are extremely exploratory and need to be allowed to do so. At Smart Start we encourage and help support your child's learning by providing language skills, cognitive skills, social skills and so much more.

Preschool Prek

Preschool and Pre-K is the time your child transitions into using more cognitive recognition skills such as handwriting, alphabet, numbers, their name recognition, and spelling, and learning two syllable sight words. In this stage teachers focus on the development of social emotional development skills.

School Age After-School

School Age students are provided breakfast before school drop off and snack after school pick up. They are also provided time to wind down from the school day. During our holiday breaks and summer months, our school age students travel to several local vendors for entertainment. A few of the fieldtrips at Smart Start include the Omaha Children's Museum, bowling, laser tag, splash pads, movies and so much more!